December 29th, 2009

Digging Into Dallas

I’ve been contemplating the New Year for the past week wondering what it will bring. I don’t remember thinking about it that much last year. Last year we had just moved to our new home in Dallas and then the first week of January brought home two new children to adopt. I don’t think my mind was capable of creating a prayer nor had a moment for quiet contemplation about what the New Year of 2009 would bring. No, my mind was in shock with all the crazy change and the obvious focus for 2009 was right in front of me. New home, new kids, new life and my husband passing his boards were last year’s gift to us!

This year is different though. With 18 months of Dallas under our belt and fairly adjusted children in our home and a mostly put together house and my husband board certified I actually have been able to take the time (meaning a few minutes here and there between laughter and chaos) to mull over the possibilities God would have for me and for us this year. It seems that what keeps coming back to me is the word intentional. My friend Jennifer first dropped the word in my heart when she shared about wanting to be more intentional for the Thanksgiving holiday. That word stuck with me as I sat through Bible Study and was challenged to think about the place where I live and what would be my part. It stuck with me as I washed my dishes, sat through church services, did laundry, helped my kids with school projects, and walked through my neighborhood. How was I going to be intentional in my home? With my marriage? With my kids? In my church? How was I going to be intentional in Dallas?

The more I thought about 2010 the more I began to feel a stirring. We are over the “newness” of the city but are far from being planted here. I strongly feel that an overall theme for us will be to continue to dig into Dallas. A few months back I felt God showed me our life in this city. It was like a man on the top of a granite mountain chipping away. He stood tall and strong and he swung his pick axe. It was hard work and it was slow and it was going to take awhile but it was what we had to do in Dallas. Dig. So how was I going to dig? Even though it was hard and most of the time I didn’t see any point I had to keep getting out there. I had to keep putting myself out there even if I felt progress wasn’t being made. I had to keep attending things, meeting people, starting new relationships, and exploring possibilities. Slowly but surely we would plant here in this city.

So for 2010 I feel a gearing up in the spring to a new launching in the fall. I have things to do this spring that I’m already doing like help my children through their second semester of school, support my husband in his job, finish up my women’s Bible Study, finish up my last year of MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers), serve in my church nursery and finally plan and have a memory filled summer with my family. I have new relationships in the baby stages to foster and grow and I have two friends who don’t know Christ that I need and want to be intentional with. I also have relationships I see being deep, meaningful, and extremely important to me in the years to come that I want and need to continue to develop. We also have a neighborhood society that we want to join. It’s time to spread our roots wider in our community than our own back door. It’s time to keep digging into Dallas.

 As for the fall I see us branching out here in Dallas even more. With Zack in pre-school for a few hours a day what is it that I will do? How will I impact my neighborhood and my community? Where is it that I’m supposed to have influence? I’m not totally sure this early in the year but with six children in the school system by then and some “free time” on my hands I can’t help but think by the fall some of my time will be spent volunteering and impacting their world away from home, their schools. But for now I will focus on today, tomorrow, this week and perhaps next month for my digging plan. There is much work to be done and although I know the progress will be slow I know that it is okay. We are doing what we should be doing…we are digging.